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It's easy for adults to say "go outside!" but what do you do when you get there? Here are some ideas you can do by yourself or with friends no matter where you live or what time of year it is. Some even have adult participation so you can tell the adults in your life to get outside too - it's good for them!


This is my FAVORITE thing to do! You don't need expensive equipment or a boat! There is water virtually everywhere in the WORLD! Hit up a neighbor or friend and borrow equipment if you don't have any, or watch yard sales for a cheap deal. Find a spot near you, learn what fish live there and what they eat, and wet a line! Patience is the name of the game.

Water Sports

Spend some time on the water! It's fun to explore in a paddleboat, kayak, fishing or pleasure boat, john boat, canoe or paddle board! If it floats, try it out! There are lots of options to get you on the water. Just make sure you are safe - wear your PFD, tell someone where you are going and bring a whistle in case you need to call for help.

Animal Sluthing

Turn over a new leaf! Or log! Or stone! You never know what might be hiding under it. Find salamanders, newts, frogs, toads, crickets, grasshoppers, tadpoles, crayfish, snakes (careful - just the non-poisonous ones please!), and other creatures right in your own back yard! From city parks to forests to shorelines, there are critters to be found everywhere. Please be kind and gentle to all animals and practice catch and release. Also, know which animals are safe and which are not - when in doubt, leave alone. It's fun to learn about new animals so do some research for next time!


For those of you who just CANNOT give up your device, this one's for you. Geocaching uses an app and GPS to lead you on a treasure hunt! Find hidden capsules all over the world! I bet there are some near you no matter where you live. Be respectful, sign your name to the log, don't remove the treasure and leave it as you found it. It's so much fun!

Beach Treasures

From sea glass to crabs and shells, there are a lot of fun things to be found at the beach! If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean thank your lucky sea stars! Grab a bucket, put on some water shoes and sunscreen and begin the adventure of a lifetime. 


Speaking of the ocean, if you haven't tried clamming it is one of the most fun things EVER! Clams move through sand like it is water! So fast! And I happen to love EATING clams so when I get to go clamming I enjoy a good dinner or two after. A good clam rake, a bucket and strong hands are your friends for this beach day.


Take a hike! You can go for a walk in the park, a hike up a mountain, or a trek through the woods. Just get outside! There are millions of places to hike - especially if you get creative. And for most hikes virtually no gear is required making this an inexpensive sport! You can even combine hiking with geocaching to kick it up a notch!

Snow Sports

Live in a climate where you get snow? Lucky you! That does not mean stay inside! Build a snow fort, go snow shoeing, ski, ice fish, snow mobile or anything else that gets you outside in the brisk air! Then enjoy a hot cup of cocoa when you get inside...

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