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Technology is a part of our lives - and while Casting Carter is quick to say how much fun the outdoors are he also embraces devices and technology that assist us in learning more about our environment and how to enjoy what is out there! So connect on social media for tips, tricks and ideas! Watch his latest videos for inspiration on new things to try, and find out where you can meet up with him and upcoming fun events!

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Casting Carter on Twitter

Join the thousands of people who have connected with Casting Carter on Twitter! Learn what he's up to plus tips, tricks and fun stuff from this outdoorsy kid.

Casting Carter on Facebook

Got Facebook? Give Casting Carter a like and follow along with his adventures on this social medium with other kids, parents and outdoor enthusiasts.

Casting Carter on YouTube

This is where it all started! So many stories and lessons - including the famous Bobber Bites series of 1-2 minute "tips and tricks" - check it out!

Casting Carter on Instagram

The outdoors are meant to be captured visually! Everywhere we go we have a camera ready to show you how beautiful and fun nature can be. Join us as we post about our adventures on Instagram!

Casting Carter on Pinterest

Sometimes we see something so cool we just need to save it for later - and we want to share those things with you! Check out our themed boards on Pinterest and pin away! Ideas for gifts for the outdoors lovers in your life, outdoor hacks, ideas on things to do and places to see, and much more. 

Casting Carter's Blog on Wordpress

Extra! Extra! Blog all about it! Our blog can be found here...and we will also post under news so you won't miss a thing!

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