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"All my friends want to do is play video games. How can I get them to go outside with me?"

Meet Casting Carter, a pint-sized pro who has a passion for fishing and the outdoors. At the ripe old age of 6 he founded Kid In Outdoors, LLC (KIO) from his home in New Hampshire to help share his love and knowledge of fishing and nature with people of all ages, but especially kids (age 2-12)! He was frustrated that his friends would rather play a video game than go fishing with him – and many did not even know how to fish – so his parents challenged him to "do something about it."


He took an old iPad and started documenting his outdoor adventures in videos, asking his mom to post them to YouTube to share with his friends (so they would be jealous how much fun he was having and want to join him). 

The idea took off and “Casting Carter” was born. He has become a national advocate for getting kids off devices and outdoors and his company, Kid In Outdoors, LLC (KIO), offers educational videos, stories, and articles and he is working to develop mobile apps and a line of kid-friendly fishing gear. If he’s not on the water, in the summer you can find him turning over logs and stones to catch his own bait, catching frogs in the creek, playing with his dog Yogi, or – in the cold New England winters – ice fishing or pursuing his other passion: freestyle skiing. He is field staff and pro staff for several outdoors organizations, and is a frequent speaker and guest contributor on topics ranging from fishing to young entrepreneurs to social media marketing. 

Although he sometimes acts much older than his age, he really is just a kid who loves to be a kid and wants every kid to put down the video games, come outside and share that love with him!

You'll see him cover events and topics on his social media sites - and don't be surprised if he does interviews and posts them on YouTube or if he sounds off on a topic during his regular short Bobber Bites segments! If you are interested in booking Casting Carter for a speaking engagement or having him as a guest blogger, podcast guest, for a contributed article, or otherwise - please use the Contact Us form. You can also contact him about product reviews, field and pro staff positions, and special appearances. Or, just send a note to say hello! Thank you!


I'm the founder. This was all my idea. I'm 10 now. I split my time between the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and Lake Champlain in Vermont.

I'm Carter's Mom and the marketing arm of KIO. I also manage his social media and schedule. I love to go bass fishing, hiking and keep busy!

I'm Carter's Dad and handle most of the on-site events and all equipment needs and maintenance. I'm glad Carter inherited my love of the outdoors!

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