Don't you just HATE IT when your parents limit your screen time or tell you to do something? Well, I'm here to tell you - kid to kid - that there is so much to do if you can put down your phone or walk away from your PS4 for a bit. Sure, I love video games too - but there's so much to do outside! And believe it or not, you'll get better grades, get sick less, and make friends too! 

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Thanks for checking us out! KIO offers educational videos, stories, and articles about how much FUN you have have outdoors, how to fish, conservation, and the basics to get started.


It all started when I was two years old. Mom and Dad put a rod and reel in my hands, I caught my first fish...and the rest is history. 


Casting Carter has become a national advocate for helping kids break device addiction. He makes regular appearances on television shows, travels to speaking engagements, trade shows, industry events and writes for international industry publications. Interested in learning more or having Casting Carter become involved with your event or organization? | 978-502-8558 | New England-Based Kid Entrepreneur!

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